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From the idea to the best
friend of your pet

The idea of developing a changeable and modern piece of furniture for pets
was born in 2016 when the two British Shorthair males Buddy and Terence joined our team.
Family came. Experience has shown that a new idea arises from a situation,
that pushes you to a limit. In our case, it describes the difficulty of a
high-quality and affordable cat furniture in an appealing design.
By coincidence, our founding member Nathalie Böhning was awarded the prize of
design studies the possibility to develop an innovative cat furniture, which
meets these requirements.

In-House Design

Nathalie Böhning

Nathalie Böhning graduated from the FH Dortmund with a degree in product, object and room design. “Good design is innovative, makes a product usable, is aesthetic, understandable, honest, unobtrusive, consistent, durable and environmentally friendly in a reduced form!